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Have you ever wanted to experience the road without the confines of a car? Do you want to improve the environment while driving a vehicle that’s amazing on fuel? If you live in an urban or a rural area, a street scooter might be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

TaoTao 50cc ScooterFast and flashy, street scooters can be a lot of fun to ride when the weather is warm. Boasting the benefits of a motorcycle without the heavy costs, special safety equipment, and strict licensing requirements, scooters are an affordable and exciting way to travel around town, especially when there’s no room in the budget for a car or a bike. For less than $1,000, you can hit the road in style, going anywhere a car or bike can go for a fraction of the cost.

If you want to make transportation a little more exciting, a scooter can be an excellent fit. When you are looking for a scooter that can meet your need for speed, however, it’s hard to know where to begin. With so many brands, price ranges, and options, getting started can be a significant challenge. Searching for a scooter may take some time, energy, and research, but with the right starting point, your perfect fit is closer than you think. TaoTao is among the top brands in scooters, ATVs, go-karts, and dirt bikes, providing reliable and high quality products at an affordable price point perfect for everyday travel.

While bikes come in many different forms and functions, 50cc scooters are generally appropriate for local travel and are often much more affordable than 100cc or 150cc models. Many 50cc bikes can travel close to 40 miles per hour, giving you a reliable alternative to a car for local travel, and are street legal in almost every state in the U.S.

Some states do not even require a driver’s license, making a 50cc scooter a great alternative for millions of Americans. These three scooters are among TaoTao’s top 50cc models, giving you a fun, fast, and unique way to get from point A to point B.

TaoTao Scooters

Founded in 1985, TaoTao is a Chinese company located in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province with operations in nine countries, including the United States and Canada. Boasting a thriving production plant and international sales in dozens of nations, TaoTao is among the world’s best-loved outdoor sports manufacturers. With scooters available in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc models, the company offers a little something for everyone, with a full line of affordable and high powered scooters for riders of all ages. Registering TaoTao scooters is quick and easy; the necessary documentation can be retrieved and printed from the company website in order to simplify the filing process.

TaoTao ATM50-A1

When you want to make travel fun, there’s an ideal TaoTao scooter for everyone. The ATM50-A1 is one of the best selling budget scooters of any brand, offering a sleek and stylish bike perfect for local travel. Featuring a sporty, aerodynamic exterior available in numerous colors, including red, yellow, silver, green, blue, pink, orange, and black, there’s a right choice for every scooter enthusiast, no matter your aesthetic preferences.

The ATM50-A1 is a 49cc scooter that boasts a 4-stroke, air cooled engine that is capable of pulling up to 225 pounds. Affordable and efficient, riders can count on gas mileage of approximately 100 miles per tank of fuel, providing distance and longevity for those who feel a need for high-powered endurance. Boasting speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, you can make quick work of local streets, making simple errands and trips to nearby destinations a breeze. Perfect for cruising the city roads and local neighborhoods, the ATM50-A1 will get you everywhere you need to be without the costs associated with driving a car.

The ATM50-A1 is fully automatic, making it a great fit for beginners new to riding a scooter and those seeking a clean, simple experience. There are no complicated gears to learn; simply start your bike and get ready to ride. The display is clearly mounted on the front of the bike, giving rides the necessary tools to keep track of things like speed and fuel levels while providing easy access to the throttle, front and rear hand brakes, and turn signals. The included rear trunk provides ample storage space, allowing you to store groceries and other purchases, or take your purse or backpack with you without risking an accident.

When you’re looking for a attractive, sporty bike that can get the job done, the TaoTao ATM50-A1 is a perfect way to get around town. With speeds appropriate for everyday travel, economic gas mileage, fun color options, and head-turning 10-inch steel rims, there are few 50cc scooters that can better meet your needs. The ATM50-A1 retails for approximately $650.00, giving shoppers an economical scooter that can into fit any budget.

TaoTao Thunder 50

Making a statement on your scooter is simple with the TaoTao Thunder 50. A bike with the sleek and sexy look you’ve been craving, there’s no better option for high speed travel around town. When you’re looking for a sportier alternative that provides the same TaoTao quality you know and love, the Thunder is your perfect match. Going above and beyond in both form and function, you can have the high performance look that matches what the Thunder 50 has to offer. Available in red, blue, black, and orange, you can choose the perfect color to fit your style.

Like the ATM50-A1, the Thunder 50 features a 4-stroke, GCY6 engine designed to provide the power and performance you’ve been looking for. Great gas mileage is a benefit of most TaoTao scooters, and this one is no different; riders can expect a maximum speed around 35 miles per hour and an impressive fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons that provides over 100 miles per tank. Ideal for navigating the city streets or running local errands, you can go anywhere you want on a scooter that looks as great as it feels.

A great model for beginners and anyone looking for a simple, easy bike, the Thunder 50 is a breeze to operate, with a electric start and automatic transmission that eliminates the need to shift gears. The front and rear hand brakes, speedometer, and display panel are all conveniently located on the handlebars, providing you easy access to everything you need to guarantee a great ride. The under the seat storage container makes errands a snap, giving you the space you need to carry grocery bags, backpacks, helmets, and purses with ease.

If appearance matters, the Thunder 50 deserves a place of honor in your garage. When you’re looking to travel efficiently without sacrificing style, The TaoTao Thunder 50 will take you anywhere you need to go. Prices start around $650.00, ensuring you can get the scooter you’ve always wanted without compromising your budget.

TaoTao CY50-D

When retro is more your style, the TaoTao CY50-D can give you the throwback looks you’ve been searching for. Rather than the aerodynamic and ultra-modern Thunder 50 or the sleek and sporty, ATM50-A1, the CY50-D is a combines a fashion-forward look with stunning vintage aesthetics. Boasting a rounded front and chrome accents, the CY50-D is available in burgundy, blue, black, silver, and pink to ensure you can get the bike best suited to your style.

Despite the difference in appearance, there’s no compromises in the CY50-D’s performance. This scooter boasts the same impressive fuel capacity as the other top 50cc models in TaoTao’s line, with the ability to carry up to 225 pounds. With a seat big enough for two, there’s plenty of room to ride on this spacious bike, giving you the option to bring a friend along on your travels. Although there is no trunk or under-seat storage option, the CY50-D’s expanded seat gives you plenty of room to carry purses, backpacks, and grocery bags. For those looking for extra space, a separate trunk can be attached to the rear of the bike.

Like the ATM50-A1 and the Thunder 50, TaoTao’s CY50-D is fully automatic; simply twist the throttle and go! Boasting a full instrument panel on the handlebars as well as hand brakes and turn signals, everything you need to stay safe on the road is within arm’s reach. Fully equipped with front disc brakes and durable rear drum brakes, stopping on a moment’s notice can help you stay safe, no matter who you’re sharing the road with.

Navigating in and out of traffic couldn’t be easier with the responsive 3.5 horsepower, 49cc engine and automatic transmission, ensuring a ride that is as smooth as it is fun. Boasting 35 miles per hour, you have everything you need to get where you need to go quickly and safely. With a starting price around $699.00, there’s space in every budget for the retro-inspired CY50-D.

When you’re on the hunt for a 50cc scooter to make daily life a little easier, TaoTao is the perfect place to start and finish your search. Offering some of the best street legal scooters on the road, it’s easy to find a solution for your travel needs with TaoTao’s expansive inventory. With the ability to reduce expenses on gas and car insurance while still providing a great way to get around, scooters are a perfect fit for both urban and rural lifestyles. Featuring high quality bikes at reasonable prices, newcomers and experienced scooter owners alike can find a perfect fit with TaoTao’s 50cc bikes. The ATM50-A1, Thunder 50, and CY50-D boast smooth, fast, and enjoyable rides, giving you an amazing transportation alternative perfect for business, pleasure, or both.

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